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Turkish Mail Order Brides: Should You Look For Turkish Wife?

Turkey is a magnificent country. However, white-sand beaches, blue sea, and resorts are not the biggest treasure of the nation. The biggest treasure is Turkish brides.

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So, should you look for a Turkish wife? In this guide, we provide all the information that will help you answer this question.

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Basic facts about Turkish females

What is special about Turkish mail order brides? What is dating a Turkish girlfriend like? Here are the most important things that you should know.

  • These women are looking for serious relationships, and not one-night stands. This is the most important thing that you should know about Turkish girls for marriage. As Cambodian brides, they are not looking for casual relationships, we mean, almost never. These ladies take relationships and family very seriously and dream of a decent, reliable and supportive, and, of course, loving man.
  • They aren’t ready to share their men with anyone else. This is another important fact. Being a womanizer and dating a Turkish woman are just incompatible things. These ladies are jealous—for them, attention to another woman is the most horrible sin.
  • More open and sociable than foreigners think they are. Many people think that ladies from Muslim countries are introverts. In fact, women in Turkey are very friendly, talkative, and a lot of them are extroverts.
  • Big and strong family is the only thing that can make them happy. Family values are still as strong as centuries ago in Turkey. Local ladies believe that a woman can never be happy without a loving husband and children and most Kazakhstan girls for marriage share this point of view.
  • These ladies are more westernized than you expected. Contrary to popular belief, Turkish society is not that conservative. In fact, people in big cities are also influenced by those western trends, so you may have more in common with a Turkish woman than you could never think you’d have.

Is this what you are looking for in your ideal girlfriend or wife? If the answer is yes, just keep reading—we’ll tell you how to find Turkish brides and how much does it cost to start a relationship with a lady from Turkey.

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How to meet Turkish singles?

Going to Turkey, especially in summer, is always a good idea, but the thing is you’ll hardly meet local women at hotels and bars and if you do, getting a woman’s attention won’t be easy. That’s why many men prefer to look for them on the web. All you need to do is to choose the right website with good features and reasonable prices, and most importantly, real Turkish mail order brides.

How much does a Turkish mail order bride cost?

First and foremost, Turkish ladies for marriage are not for sale. However, men still need to pay for credits/membership plans on dating sites, as well as for the trips—after all, you can’t get married to someone you’ve never seen in real life, right? So, if you choose not a cheap and not a super-expensive site and use it for a year until you meet your perfect Turkish bride and start a relationship with her, you’re likely to spend about $1,000 in total. Two mid-range trips to Turkey will likely cost you about $3,000 (of course, the final sum depends on the hotel you choose, the food you prefer, etc.) So, the total cost is about $4,000, which is not even close to an average price for Vietnamese wife.

Yes, they are. You can legally find and date them online. However, even if you want to marry a Turkish mail order wife you need to go to Turkey to meet her at least a few times—that’s not only reasonable but also required by law.

Pros and cons of having a relationship with a lady from Turkey


  • They are westernized
  • They are incredibly beautiful
  • Family always come first
  • Turkish women are optimistic and more open-minded
  • Many of them are very motivated to get married and start a family


  • Most Turkish ladies are jealous
  • You and your woman may have different religious beliefs

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Every man can meet a Turkish bride, actually—if you think that you can find love in this country, just choose the right dating site—the rest depends on your dating strategy and luck.

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