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Getting North Korean Mail Order Brides For Marriage: Is It Possible?

“North Korean mail order wife” is a word combination you rarely hear, and for a good reason—this country is probably the worst country to choose regarding mail order brides. You can’t go there, you can’t meet a woman there, and of course, you can’t marry her in North Korea. But it’s still possible to meet North Korean brides—here, we’ll tell you more about it.

North Korea: What Are Some Real Mail Order Brides Sites In 2021?

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Basic facts about North Korean females

When we’re talking about North Korean mail order brides, we don’t mean women who currently live in the DPRK, obviously. Every year, about 1,000–1,500 people arrive in South Korea from the DPRK, about half of them are women, and some of them adapt to the new world to the extent where they start using mail bride websites.

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That’s why the number of North Korean girls for marriage is very low. Internet access is not available in North Korea, North Koreans can’t travel abroad and you can’t go to the DPRK to meet some North Korean ladies there. The total number of North Korean mail order wives is unknown, but it’s certainly not higher than several hundred, keeping in mind the statistics we’ve provided before.

However, if you somehow manage to find a North Korean woman for marriage and propose to her, you can marry a North Korean bride easily! The thing is, North Korean defectors are considered citizens of South Korea, so legally speaking, it’s the same as marrying a South Korean woman.

How to find North Korean brides?

The only advice is that you should find some good websites with Asian women—there might be some North Korean mail order brides on these platforms. These sites are like American dating sites—you sign up, upload photos, and chat with women. But unlike American dating sites, Asian mail order bride platforms are usually paid ($40–$80/month).

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How much does a North Korean mail order bride cost?

Taking into account the fact you can’t go to the DPRK, here’s the only way you can go to get a North Korean wife: find a North Korean woman who has left her country on Asian mail bride websites, chat with her, and meet her. You’ll only need to pay for three things: premium subscription or “credits” on a dating site, tickets, and 1 or 2 weeks in this country. This means $800 for a round-trip to Seoul, $1,000–$2,000 for 1 week in Korea, $50 for the consulate’s notarization fee, and $25 for translation services. Korean weddings can cost up to $100,000, but we believe you will be able to spend less if you need that.


You can find North Korean brides for marriage, but the chances are extremely low. However, it’s not impossible—just choose a big and trusted Asian bride service and you’ll find at least some North Korean wives.

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