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Kyrgyzstan Mail Order Brides For Dating & Marriage: Short, Yet Full Guide

Only 31 Kyrgyzstan brides got married to American men in 2019 and this makes Kyrgyzstan one of the least popular Asian countries in terms of mail order brides. Here, we’ll tell you why it’s a huge underestimation—and we’ll also explain how and where to get a Kyrgyzstan mail order bride. Let’s start!

Kyrgyzstan: Top Rated Mail Order Wife Sites In 2021

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Basic facts about Kyrgyzstan females

The very first thing to know before finding Kyrgyzstan mail order brides is: women from this country are different from other Asian girls. They are more straightforward and direct than women from Japan and Korea, and at the same time, they are not as shy and obedient as Southeast Asian women. They are pretty similar to women from other post-Soviet Asian countries such as Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan—strong, intelligent, but traditional when it comes to family roles.

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Kyrgyzstan wives are Muslim (at least 90% of them). However, Kyrgyz researchers say that despite religious and racial boundaries still exist, they are weaker than they used to be. That’s true—modern Kyrgyz women often prefer Western men over Kyrgyz men for marriage because they think Westerners (especially Americans) respect women more than Kyrgyz men and generally make better husbands. So, it’s important to understand that most (90%) Kyrgyzstan girls are Muslim, but you don’t need to worry about it—today, they don’t think that an interfaith marriage is taboo.

Kyrgyzstan women for marriage are perfect wife material. Kyrgyzstan ladies are raised in big families where they are taught how to create a cozy, warm family atmosphere, and they also believe that a woman’s role is to be a “homemaker”.

How to find Kyrgyzstan brides?

You can go to Kyrgyzstan and approach women in the nightclubs of Bishkek, but that’s not what we can recommend you to do—it’s not 100% safe and you have very low chances to find Kyrgyzstan mail order brides there. If you’re searching for a Kyrgyzstan wife, you need to focus on Asian mail bride platforms—there are hundreds or even thousands of beautiful girls from Kyrgyzstan on such websites.

How much does a Kyrgyzstan mail order bride cost?

You can not “buy” a Kyrgyzstan bride. The whole process of getting a Kyrgyzstan mail order wife is like getting an American wife—you date your bride online, meet her IRL, and then you marry her. Here’s how much it will cost:

  1. Premium subscription on a Kyrgyzstan mail order bride site—$50–$80 per month
  2. Tickets to Bishkek—$900–$1,000 (round trip)
  3. 1 week in Kyrgyzstan—$500–$800
  4. Wedding—$4,000–$8,000


Kyrgyz ladies are strong, traditional, and very beautiful. They are open-minded and they like foreigners—and the good news is it’s finally possible to meet Kyrgyzstan girls for marriage without even leaving your home!

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