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Finding Israeli Mail Order Brides For Marriage: Is It A Good Idea?

We can’t say that Israeli females are extremely popular among American men—the number of Israeli brides who got married to American citizens and got a K-1 visa is comparable to that of Syrian or Hungarian brides. However, getting an Israeli wife is definitely a great idea—and here, we’ll tell you why.

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Basic facts about Israeli girls for marriage

Israeli mail order brides are extremely attractive, loyal, and intelligent, everyone knows it. However, if you’re searching for an Israeli lady, you need to understand their character traits better. Let’s talk about them.

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The very first thing you need to know before you start searching for an Israeli bride is: these women are completely different from women who live in Israel’s neighbors. While mail order brides from the Philippines, Lebanon, Jordan, and even Egypt are well-known for being shy, passive, and obedient, this is definitely not how one can describe Israeli brides.

They live in modern society, they are independent, and they are definitely strong. Israeli mail order wives think that women and men must have equal roles (they even serve in the IDF!), and they are very confident—Israeli women for marriage are much closer to American women when it comes to their views than to women from other countries of this region.

Israeli mail order brides make great wives and mothers. They don’t think that handling household tasks is something a woman should avoid so they clean, cook, and do the laundry. However, they don’t think housework is a 100% woman’s job. When it comes to the household chores, making money, and raising children, sharing is caring for Israeli ladies—that’s how they see gender equality (and it’s just great). By the way, Japanese ladies for marriage share this idea.

How to find Israeli brides?

You can go to Israel and meet women there—they are very friendly and open, so you’ll most likely have some fun. However, if you want to find an Israeli mail order wife i.e. a woman who is looking for serious, long-term relationships with a foreign man, you need to focus on Israeli bride websites. They are similar to dating sites, they have the same options and services, and you won’t have any problems with them.

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How much does a Israeli mail order bride cost?

First, you’ll need to buy a premium subscription on a dating website (it’s usually $50-$80 per month). After that, you’ll pay for the tickets, for a trip to Israel, and for the wedding. Let’s be more detailed:

  • Round-trip tickets—$600–$800
  • 1 week in Israel—$800–$1,500
  • Wedding—$15,000–$30,000

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Israeli wives are just great. They are beautiful, confident, very strong, and intelligent—and they just love Western men. Just choose any mail bride website here, sign up, and find Israeli girl for marriage today!

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