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Kazakh Mail Order Brides: Should You Look For Kazakh Women For Marriage

Every single year, over 2 thousand Kazakh brides marry Americans, Italians, British, and other foreign men. Why are they so popular?

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There are a lot of reasons that make Western men choose Kazakh women for marriage, actually, and we’ll describe them all and provide information on the cost of dating services and the legality of such marriages in this guide.

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Basic facts about Kazakh females

So, what makes Kazakh mail order brides so likable? Here are some facts that explain this:

  • Kazakh girls are friendly and kind. Many men who have already found their Kazakh wives note that they are kinder than anyone they’ve met before. Well, that’s really the case—this is a very friendly and kind nation, and that’s the characteristic that attracts foreigners most.
  • They know how to compromise. Another great thing about these women is that they are non-confrontational the same as Turkish wives. They know that a relationship and marriage are about mutual respect and the ability to compromise, which makes them nearly perfect wives and girlfriends.
  • They are the most caring mothers. Of course, that’s important for men, too. They know how to raise children with love and care, but it doesn’t mean that they’re going to spoil them. It’s all about finding the balance.
  • Intelligence matters, too. Most girls in Kazakhstan are well-educated, smart, and well-mannered as the majority Vietnamese brides for sale.

So, kindness, intelligence, ability to listen and to compromise, and of course, their natural beauty makes men all over the world go crazy about Kazakh girls for marriage. But how can a single man who’s ready to settle down find them?

How to meet Kazakh brides?

A lot of men meet their future wives when they are on a business trip to Kazakhstan. However, if you aren’t going to visit the country in the near future, you still can meet a Kazakh wife. Yes, the easy way to do it is to use one of the top international dating websites that have many female members from this country.

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How much does a Kazakh mail order bride cost?

You don’t just choose a woman and then get a bride—in most cases, men choose the dating site, find their ideal matches, and go to Kazakhstan to meet them. And that’s not for free, which is why people use the “cost” term in this context. So, how much are dating services?

It depends on the site you choose. If you use a mid-range website and spend about a year on the platform, you’re likely to spend up to $1,000. Two trips will cost you about $2,500 (it can be more or less expensive depending on your travel style). So, you are likely to spend about $3,500 in total that is close enough to the cost of finding a Cambodian mail order bride.

Yes, of course. Online dating is legal, but there are a few important things to consider. If you are from the US, you’ll need to prove that your relationship was real and that you’ve met in person before you decided to get married. Otherwise, your Kazakh mail order wife won’t get a K-1 visa and won’t be able to move to the United States.

Pros and cons of dating Kazakh women for marriage


  • Kazakh brides are kind and non-confrontational
  • They are very motivated to start a family
  • They are attracted to foreign men
  • They aren’t afraid to change their lives and move to another country
  • Ladies in Kazakhstan are very beautiful


  • Most of them are extroverts and have a lot of friends (if you are an introvert and don’t love it when there are a lot of guests in your house, it may be a problem)
  • You’ll need to learn a lot about the Kazakh culture to understand her
  • Not all ladies in Kazakhstan speak English well

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For most men, the pros of dating a Kazakh bride definitely outweigh the cons. If you also think that finding a Kazakh lady is a good idea, just make the first step—there are thousands of ladies in this country who want to find a decent man.

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