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How To Actually Find Armenian Mail Order Brides For Marriage?

Why are Armenian brides so popular? How to meet them and how much does it cost? Continue reading to find the answers.

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Armenian women for marriage are very popular among American men—at least 250 Armenian mail order brides got married to Americans in 2019 (it’s more than the number of new K–1 visa holders from France or Spain that year).

Basic facts about Armenian wives

There are lots of stereotypes about Armenian ladies—some people think all Armenians are rich, some think that an average Armenian bride looks like Kim, etc. Some of them are true and the others are not, but we are not going to talk about stereotypes here—instead, we’ll tell you 3 interesting facts about Armenian beauties.

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  1. Armenian girls for marriage are beautiful. They don’t look like Kim Kardashian, obviously, but they are still great. Typical to Vietnam brides‘ looks, they have dark hair and eyes, olive skin, and beautiful bodies—thanks to diets, climate, and historical genetic diversity, modern Armenian mail order wives look just perfect.
  2. They are very devoted to their families. Armenians are well-known for their family ties, and this is one of those 100% true stereotypes about them. Her family will be your family, her parents will probably call you “son”, but you’ll need to show that you respect their daughter and can protect her, as well as provide for the family.
  3. Armenian mail order brides are traditional, but they are not “passive”. As most Japanese wives, women from Armenia think that a woman’s role is a homemaker, but they are very hard-working (for example, the percentage of Armenian women working in the tech sector is 30% while it’s only 20% in the US). This is a good example to describe the mentality and the views of Armenian for marriage. They live in a patriarchal society and they like some of its achievements—but they are strong and want to be perceived as equals.

How to find Armenian brides?

We recommend you use Armenian mail order bride websites for this purpose because approaching girls on the streets of Armenia is not safe. Armenian bride websites are, in turn, convenient, and safe—and you only need to create a free account to start using them.

How much does an Armenian mail order wife cost?

You’ll need to pay for a premium subscription on an Armenian wife online website, for tickets to Yerevan, for a 1-week or a 2-week visit to Armenia, and for a wedding. Let’s take a look at how much it will cost:

  • Premium subscription—$50–$80/1 month
  • Tickets—$700–$900
  • Visit—$500–$1,000
  • Wedding—$5,000–$20,000

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Attractive, confident, traditional, and respectful Armenian women are a perfect option for every man who is looking for a foreign bride. Choose any website here, sign up for free, and find thousands of Armenian ladies for marriage today!

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