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Indonesian Mail Order Brides For Marriage: The Best Or The Worst Wife?

Should you look for Indonesian brides? Well, it depends on what you are looking for in a woman and what you expect from a relationship.

What Is The Best Indonesia Site For A Serious Relationship?

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We’ll tell you all you should know about Indonesian mail order brides, their characteristics, the cost of dating services, and the pros and cons of dating them. Just consider this information and make your choice!

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Facts about Indonesian females

Will an Indonesian wife make you happy? Take a look at these facts to find out:

  • Respect is the key. All they want from a man is respect. No, it’s not about emancipation or treating a woman like a queen being her servant, not at all. Indonesians like most of Asians and specifically Cambodian mail order brides believe that you can be happy only if you truly respect each other and feel that special connection.
  • Mental bond is essential, physical is just a bonus. Local girls are pretty conservative when it comes to intimacy. They don’t date lots of guys before they get married and don’t get physical too soon. Many of them don’t do it until they find a special man and marry him. The thing is that spiritual connection matters most to them.
  • No power games. Indonesian women for marriage want to date stronger, manlier men. They believe that traditional gender roles are completely normal and don’t mind being those feminine, soft, and caring ladies next to strong, supportive, and completely reliable men.
  • Appearance matters. They care about the way they look a lot. Most Indonesians along with Turkish girls looking for marriage are naturally beautiful, but it’s not enough for them. They want to be the best versions of themselves, and obviously, they usually achieve this goal. Young local women are just stunning.

Is this what you are looking for? Then keep reading!

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How to meet Indonesian brides?

The most obvious answer to this question is “go to Indonesia”—after all, a lot of western men move to good old Bali and enjoy living there, often with a local wife. However, it will hardly work for you if you aren’t a freelancer and don’t have a remote job. In this case, the best way to find Indonesian mail order brides is to choose a good international dating site. Just make sure that it has a lot of real members from this country, has reasonable prices and offers high-quality services.

How much does an Indonesian mail order bride cost?

Of course, Indonesians are not for sale. However, you’ll need to pay for online dating services and for trips to Indonesia. Let’s say you choose a mid-range site, meet your Indonesian mail order wife within a year and start a relationship with her online. Then you come to Indonesia twice and then decide to marry her. In this case, you’ll spend about $1,000⁠–⁠$1,200 on dating services and $5,000 on your vacations in Indonesia (two 2-week trips including tickets, hotel, and other expenses). Hence, you’re likely to spend about $6,000 on travels and dating online in total. Meeting with a Kazakh bride would be quite cheaper.

Yes, they are. However, you need to choose a legal dating site and meet your bride at least a few times in person to be able to prove that your relationship is real. The thing is, your future wife just won’t get a visa if you’ve never met in person. But dating services themselves, as well as cross-cultural relationships are perfectly legal.

Pros and cons of dating Indonesian girls


  • These women are beautiful
  • A lot of them are attracted to foreign men
  • Many of them would like to move to another country with a decent man
  • Family and children are not an empty sound to them
  • They are more friendly and open-minded than many other females in Vietnam, for example


  • Most local girls prefer not to get intimate before the wedding or before the relationship get really serious
  • Language barrier may be a problem

So, will an Indonesian bride make you happy? You need to answer this question yourself. However, if the pros of dating an Indonesian outweigh the cons, why not give it a try?

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