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Cambodian Mail Order Brides: Why Look For A Cambodian Wife?

Do Cambodian brides exist? Yes, they do — a lot of Cambodian women don’t mind dating and even marrying a foreign man.

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But what is the chance that a Cambodian wife will make you happy? How much does dating her cost? What are the cons of starting a relationship with a woman from Cambodia? You’ll find all the answers in this guide.

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Facts about Cambodian females

Marrying a Cambodian bride can make you happy. Or not. It depends on what you expect from a wife. Here are some facts about Cambodian mail order brides — they can help you understand if you can find things you are looking for in a Cambodian lady.

  • The family ties just can’t be overestimated. There are mostly nuclear families in Cambodia, and the institution of the family is very strong in this country overall. Most local women want to start a happy family and have kids not just because “it’s normal” or “they have to” but because they really view family as the most important thing in life.
  • Fancy lifestyle is not that important. People in Cambodia, just as Japanese ladies for marriage, live a simple life. Yes, this is not the most developed country in the world, and some may argue this is just due to economic difficulties, but it’s not true. They just don’t need all that fancy expensive stuff to be happy.
  • The number of female students in Cambodia is constantly growing. Some think that Cambodians for marriage are poorly educated. And again, that’s not true—the educational system is improving, and a lot of women receive bachelor’s degrees and start successful careers.
  • Buddhism has a lot of impact on their values. Religion always impacts a society. Cambodia is not an exception. Just like the majority of Turkish brides, local ladies are calm, non-confrontational, they value spiritual things more than material things, and have respect for others.

So, this is what most Cambodian mail order brides are like. But how can a man find a match in Cambodia without even visiting the country?

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How to meet Cambodian brides?

Online dating industry is constantly growing — more and more men and women meet each other online and build a relationship being thousands of miles away from each other. Of course, Cambodian singles are looking for matches online, too. So, the easiest way to find a Cambodian bride is to find the site with the largest number of women from Cambodia who are ready to start a serious relationship and move to a husband’s country. There are plenty of global dating sites that may meet your criteria, and the trickiest part is to find the best site with reasonable prices for good features and real Cambodian users. Still, it’s absolutely possible, and you can find such platforms on our site.

How much does a Cambodian mail order bride cost?

You can’t just choose one of the Cambodian brides in a catalog and pay for her—things don’t work like that. However, there is a term “cost”, so what does it refer to?

In fact, this is the sum of the cost of online dating services and trips to Cambodia (you can’t marry a woman without meeting her in person, and going to Cambodia is just cheaper than taking her to your country). Of course, the prices for dating, accommodation, and tickets may vary greatly. Let’s say you pay for mid-range everything. In this case, you are likely to spend about $1,000 on dating (if it takes a year or more to find a Cambodian girl and start a relationship with her) and about $3,400 on two trips. Hence, you’re likely to spend about $4,400 in total, that’s quite lower at cost than meeting with Kazakhstan mail order brides.

Yes, they are — you can date a woman online from Cambodia, Vietnam, etc., start a relationship with her, and then marry her, but only if you have met in real life — otherwise, you Cambodian mail order wife just won’t get a visa. That’s why we mentioned the cost of trips — it’s just necessary to date in real life before you decide to marry her.

Pros and cons of dating Cambodian girls


  • They do want to start a strong, happy family
  • They are naturally beautiful
  • Most women in Cambodia are non-confrontational
  • Spirituality matter more to them than material things


  • You’ll need to pay for online dating services to date a woman from Cambodia
  • Cultural differences
  • Language barrier

Is it worth it? It’s up to you. If you believe that a Cambodian woman for marriage will make you happy, why not give it a try?

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