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South Korean Mail Order Brides: All About South Korean Women For Marriage

South Korea is a unique country — it’s still considered a pretty conservative Asian country, and it’s also one of the fastest developing economies in the world. It gave us K-pop and tons of cultural trends, but its biggest treasure is South Korean brides.

South Korea: Online Dating Websites 2022 Compared And Reviewed

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Can a man from the western part of the world find, date, and marry one of them and what does he need to meet this goal? Here’s what we’re going to discuss in this guide.

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Basic facts about South Korean females

What you should know about South Korean mail order brides? Here are some facts that will help you better understand who these women really are:

  1. Obsessed with beauty. Beauty standards in Korea are more than just strict. South Korean girls are naturally beautiful, but it’s never enough. You can’t weigh a bit more, have a bit wider chin, or not have perfect hair.
  2. Still discriminated against. Several decades ago, a woman in Korea was seen as a housewife and a mother of her children. Nearly 100% of family income was earned by a husband, and yes, arranged marriages were very common. Now, the situation is different, but like the majority of Turkish wives many Korean women still feel discriminated against and have fewer career opportunities than men.
  3. Well-educated and well-mannered. The vast majority of Korean women have at least a bachelor’s degree and start their careers at a pretty early age. And that’s not always easy—the competition between young specialists is more than just fierce, and even if a South Korean mail order wife finds a job, she’s still likely to live with her parents for a really long time—buying the apartment in Seoul or even a smaller city is a nearly impossible task.
  4. Tons of pressure from society. Korean women feel pressure at work, and feel social pressure, especially after they turn 25 and are still single. Many women as Kazakh brides work very hard to have both family and career, and some just choose one of those things.

As you can see, South Korean ladies for marriage may have their own reasons to look for a husband abroad and then migrate to his own country. The number of girls who aren’t going to have a family in Korea is growing just because they can have both careers and a family, but there are also girls who believe that family comes first.

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How to meet South Korean brides?

Of course, you can go to Korea — this is an amazing country, but not everyone can take such a big step, and well, it’s not cheap to live there. So, most men prefer to look for South Korean mail order brides online. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s convenient. However, you need to choose a good website that would provide great dating services, connect you with real Korean girls, and have reasonable prices.

How much does a South Korean mail order bride cost?

First, let us clarify what exactly the “cost” in this context means. It’s not the price of a woman herself—that’s the total cost of the dating services and trips (you need to meet your bride in person before you marry her, right?) Of course, the price will depend on the choices you make—the site you use, your travel style, etc.

Let’s say you use a mid-range site and don’t need to eat only in fancy restaurants. The cost of dating services, in this case, will be about $1,000 (for a year) and two trips to Korea will cost you about $5,000. By the way, it’s very cheap in comparison to desire of finding a bride from Vietnam.

Yes, they are — online dating is perfectly legal. However, you can’t marry someone you’ve never met in person—that’s why we mentioned that you’d have to spend money on trips. If you just met a woman online and want to marry her, she just won’t be able to get a visa.

Pros and cons of dating South Korean girls for marriage


  • Women in Korea are naturally beautiful
  • They are perfect moms and wives
  • They are hard-working the same Cambodian mail order brides are
  • Most South Korean brides are non-confrontational and ready to compromise
  • They are attracted to foreigners and aren’t afraid to take serious decisions


  • They never rush the physical
  • You’ll have to learn more about the culture to build a healthy relationship
  • Language barrier may be a problem at the early stage of a relationship

So, should you look for a South Korean wife? Consider the information that we provided in this guide and make a decision. We live in the world of possibilities, and dating a Korean woman online and in real life is definitely one of the best of them.

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